Estimates are based on 3 factors:

*      Your goals
*      Condition of the vehicle
*      Time and material

The process of restoration begins with you,  the owner.  It's your dream that we want to make a reality.  Therefore, estimates will vary,  depending first of all on your goal.  A body off restoration will cost more than a partial restoration.  Highly modified cars that include body fabrications,  custom paint, colored chrome,  custom trunks or individualized interiors will increase the price of the restoration.  Whatever you desire to achieve with your classic car, RUN RITE CLASSICS is here to help you accomplish it!

The second factor that will determine the cost of your restoration is the condition of the vehicle.  This factor is the most illusional as most classic cars have hidden sheet metal issues that can only be found after the car is completely disassembled and stripped to bare metal.  Whether reproduction metal panels, NOS metal or fabricated panels from scratch are used,  custom fitting is always required.  That leads to the final factor:

The last factor to consider in an estimate for restoration is the time and material involved.  Because of the variables listed above, an exact cost for restoration is not possible.  RUN RITE CLASSICS,  however, will give you an estimate of what can be seen and a projection of the cost involved in  areas that are more certain such as interior, drive train, cost of any mechanical conversions and fabrications.  Our goal is to help you achieve your restoration dream as close to our original estimate as possible.